Zebra Collection

Dolce&Gabbana presents the new collection and brings a contemporary
and irreverent twist to the iconic black&white print.


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Strong and sophisticated graphic looks.
The dualism of the timeless black and white pattern brings
renewed energy to bold shapes and volumes.
Poised between rock and 80s glamour, the powerful
contrast of the print creates an optical aesthetic on
each piece that is never the same.

Zebra-print drill pants


Zebra sunglasses

Zebra sunglasses


Short zebra-print cady dress


Patent leather sandals with 3.5 heel

3 colors

Double-breasted plain velvet jacket


Zebra-print silk triangle bra


Jersey sweatshirt with Dolce&Gabbana print


Zebra-print nappa leather boots

Zebra-print nappa leather boots