dg gianpiero

The Joy of Happiness

An ultra-exclusive collection of 200 specially-commissioned pieces in collaboration with the artist Gianpiero D’Alessandro to celebrate joy, happiness and light-hearted love.

An unique series of just 200 pieces,
available exclusively online.

Gianpiero is a designer, writer, artist, graphic designer and a creative mind whose joyful style and vision can be seen in many collaborations with high-profile personalities

Discover the world of Gianpiero D'Alessandro

"Dolce&Gabbana is a happy place, so my designs incorporate the emotional memories of a carefree childhood."
- Gianpiero D'Alessandro.

Revealed for the first time on the DGFW22 runway, the 200 exclusive DGxGianpiero T-shirts are characterized with "The Sweety Bunny", "Baby Carrot" and the
DG Logo drawn by the artist.